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Information about your stay at the Vier SterneHotel Acht Linden

We are pleased that you are interested in the Vier SterneHotel Acht Linden. On this page we have put together useful information about our hotel to make it easier for you to prepare for your stay. Simply click on one of the following topics and you will be forwarded directly to the relevant articles.


Your Vier SterneHotel Acht Linden from A-Z

Below you will find some information about the Vier SterneHotel Acht Linden as well as about THIS and THAT in the village of Egestorf and the Lueneburg Heath.


allergy sufferers >

arrivals >

baby/child up to 5 years >

bicycles >

  • Your own bicycles can be safely stored in our bicycle garage.

  • Our bicycle garage has charging stations for charging your e-bikes.

breakfast >

cancellation >

  • Cancellation free of charge is possible up to 24 hours before arrival.

  • In the event of cancellation, we ask for a written notification, preferably by e-mail.

  • If you booked your stay via a booking portal, please cancel it in the appropriate portal. We cannot cancel bookings made through a portal!

departure >

dog >

  • Dogs are welcome. Please notify us if you are bringing your four-legged friend.

  • We charge € 12/night for your dog.

  • We ask for your understanding that the dog owner is liable for any damage to the furniture. The repair costs are to be paid on site.

forgotten or accidentally taken away >

  • If you have forgotten personal items in the Vier Sterne Hotel Acht Linden, please contact us.

  • We too have to buy the furnishings in our rooms. If you accidentally took a towel or a shower towel with you, please send it back to us.

half board >

  • The surcharge for a stay with half board is € 30 per day (3-course menu of your choice).

internet access >

  • WiFi is free of charge and is available throughout the house.

  • You will receive the access data on arrival.

ironing service >

non-smoking rooms >

  • All of our rooms are non-smoking.

payment >

room choice >

  • We ask for your understanding that we cannot make guaranteed reservations for specific rooms, floors or restaurant tables.

  • If possible, we would be happy to consider your wishes and preferences.



How to use and charge lithium-ion batteries in the hotel area

Lithium-ion batteries are used millions of times in our everyday lives. Due to their high energy storage capacity, they are used as a power supply for smartphones, notebooks, power tools, but also in electro mobility (hybrid and electric drives). For technical reasons, there is a risk of self-ignition with this battery technology, which then often leads to fire spreading very quickly.

In order to prevent this risk, we ask you to respect the following regulations:

  1. Charging of e-bike batteries or other high-voltage batteries is prohibited in the hotel area and especially in the hotel rooms. We have a separate station to charge these batteries. Please contact the receptionist.

  2. Keep lithium-ion batteries away from heat and constant sunlight. For this reason, do not place your smartphone or laptop near the window or radiator.
  3. Protect the battery and charger from moisture. Moisture or even wet batteries or chargers must not be used.

  4. Only use chargers that have been approved by the manufacturer for charging your device. Ideally, do not leave the charging process unattended.

  5. Do not place the charger on or near easily flammable materials (e.g. paper or textiles).

  6. Damaged batteries may not be used and charged in the hotel area and especially in hotel rooms. Do not throw damaged batteries in the trash, but hand them in at reception.

  7. If used incorrectly, liquid can leak from the battery. Leaking liquid can cause skin irritation or burns. In the event of accidental contact, remove the liquid with water. If the liquid got into your eyes, please ask for medical support.

  8. Should smoke or a fire occur despite all safety precautions, inform the hotel management (key 9 on the landline phone) or the fire brigade (112 or 8-112 by using the landline) immediately and get yourself to safety.

You can also call up and download these regulations as a PDF document. To do this, use the link How to use and charge lithium-ion batteries in the hotel area.



Breakfast in your room

At the Vier SterneHotel Acht Linden we offer you the opportunity to have breakfast in your room. Please place your order by phone (9) or in person at reception. We charge € 5 for this individual service.

Our breakfast includes:

  • coffee/tea

  • milk

  • orange juice

  • rolls/bread

  • cheese/sausage

  • jam/honey

  • boiled egg/scrambled egg/fried egg

We also offer:

  • piccolo champagne 9,- €

  • bottle Champagne 28,90 €

  • glass of freshly squeezed orange juice 6,50 €

  • mineral water 0,25 l 2,50 €

  • still water 0,25 l 2,50 €

You can also call up and download this offer as a PDF document. To do this, use the link breakfast in the room.



Conferences at the Vier SterneHotel Acht Linden

The Vier SterneHotel Acht Linden is conveniently located approx. 40 km south of Hamburg on the A7 in the idyllic village of Egestorf, quietly at the Lueneburg Heath Nature Reserve.

You can pamper yourself and hold your conference in a pleasant, personal atmosphere. Enjoy our regional, fresh cuisine.

Take a look at our page Conferences or download our flyer conferences at the Vier SterneHotel Acht Linden.



Guests rate our performance
Your opinion is important to us!

Our primary goal is to ensure that you have a pleasant and relaxing stay. To do this, it is important to know your needs and wishes. Please take a few minutes and evaluate your stay at the Vier SterneHotel Acht Linden.

You will find our guest questionnaire in the guest folder or you can get it at the reception. You can also call it up and download it as a pdf document. Please use the link guest questionnaire.


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